Rise of the Empire Era


[Modified TaggeCo Air-2 Swoop] The Air-2 is a typical swoop design, trading the stability and durability of the speeder bike for pure speed and a solid, stylish design. The Air-2 is a blocky swoop, with the pilot sitting in the center of the vehicle, generally leaning forward. It provides room for a single driver, and an optional duraplast windscreen for drivers who dislike wearing goggles. Though smaller than many similar vehicles, the Air-2's powerful repulsorlift engine can send it hurdling at impressive speeds to dizzying heights.

The Air-2 can achieve great speed, but it's not easily piloted. It has controls at the handlebars, as well as additional levers at the knee and foot pedals -- on top of which the pilot must shift his weight for most most maneuvers. As a result, the driver suffers a -2 penalty on all Pilot checks made while operating the swoop, a penalty most individuals are happy to pay as the price for greater speed.

This particluar Air-2 has undergone as much modification as a swoop can in order to increase manuverability as well as speed. Using a more advanced instrument panel and piloting sensors this Air-2 is actually more managable even with increased speed capabilities with it's aftermarket turbo repulsorlift engine. The former owner did not like wearing goggles, so this Air-2 sports the duraplast windscreen that also protects the extra instrumentation. It's a swoop jockey's wet dream.

Arris' Modified Swoop - d20 Stats

Craft: Modified TaggeCo Air-2 Swoop
Class: Airspeeder
Cost: unknown
Size: Medium (2.4 m long)
Crew: 1 (Normal +2)
Passengers: 0
Cargo Capacity: 4 kg
Initiative: +2 (+2 crew)
Maneuver: +1 (+2 crew, -2 equipment penalty, +1 modification)
Defense: 13 (+2 armor - no crew protection, +1 modification)
Shield Points: 0 Speed: 750 km/h (12.5 sq.action - modification)
Altitude: Low (approx. 1000 m)
Hull Points: 15
DR: 5
Weapon: Double Blaster Cannon (fire-linked)
     Fire Arc: Front
     Attack Bonus: +10 (+4 crew, +6 fire control)
     Damage: 4d10x2
     Range Increment: 2000 m