Rise of the Empire Era


What makes an RPG really an RPG? The Characters. Whether they be the player characters (PC) or the non-player characters (NPC). They are the core of any RPG.

There are several groups that play in this same campaign. The original group, the small splinter group, and now the OIF group. Since I already had a story and plot lines for this campaign I thought that all these groups could be paralleling each other along those campaign lines. Perhaps they will cross each other one day, but one certainly those influence the other whether either party realizes it or not.

Check out these groups:

Player Characters (Original)
Player Characters (Expansion)
Player Characters (OIF)
Non-Player Characters

Note: If there's something about another PC that you didn't know in-game, you still don't know it in-game. Keep any information/knowledge you may gain through reading about the other PCs that was not discovered or known in the game as OOC (Out-Of-Character). Keep in mind any knowledge you gain through reading about these NPCs that was not discovered in the game is strictly OOC (Out-Of-Character). If you violate this rule you will suffer an XP penalty.

Only NPCs of significance will be posted here and only after the PCs have encountered them.