Rise of the Empire Era

SYNOPSIS: Epilogue (Adventure 01)

The heroes having rescued Arabč retire to Mos Espa to arrange for transport back to Naboo. Arabč briefs the heroes on what has happened to her since she lost contact with the council on Naboo. Apparently she had been following Taahd and his band of mercenaries, the "Roughnecks", whom she discovered having ties to the Separtists while she was on Coruscant. Following Taahd and his mercenaries led her to Tatooine. She had discovered that Taahd was working with some dark cloaked figure, and that some sort of an exchange for an artifact would be made with members of the Hutts criminal syndicate. However, before she could get any more information to her Queen she was captured by Taahd and his group. Her ship was "salvaged" and Arabč was about to be sold into slavery.

The heroes having dealt with the dark cloaked figure now know her to be a dark jedi. It seems that Count Dooku is recruiting some dark jedi into the Separtist's Movement. Furthermore, the Jedi realize that the triangular artifact that was being exchanged is no ordinary jewel, but in fact is a Sith Holocron. This is something that should be reported to the Jedi Council as soon as possible.

Let's hope the heroes can make their way home soon...