Rise of the Empire Era


Our heroes end up crashing someone's "party" and manage to escape with their hides mostly intact and even save the girl.

SESSION: 2003.02.13 (Thu)

After their dramatic entry, the heroes find themselves behind some large cargo crates peering at a large gathering centered around two central figures in a cavernous storage area littered with all sorts of various crates and containers of all shapes and sizes against walls that are actually made of the natural rock that the OP sits in. The central figures are one Rodian, who must be Greedlo Keel, and a dark robed figure who seem to be exchanging something triangular shaped between them. Behind the dark robed figure closest to the heroes is a Trandoshan and four humans decked out in OD combat jumpsuits, and a plethora of load bearing military equipment and carbine blaster rifles, perhaps members of a professional mercenary company. Behind Greedlo stand about ten thugs in their trademark bantha leather vests. It seems everyone, meaning the heroes and the larger group, is surprised to see each other. After the momentary pause of recognition the entire warehouse breaks out into an intense firefight.

The more professional mercenaries initiate the action by firing suppressively as they move for cover. The Wookie opting to use a blaster in this fight takes a shot at a moving mercenary taking the man's face off with a red hot bolt. Daru levels his new found toy, the light repeating blaster, at the dark robed figure and fires away. The dark figure whirls around as the blaster bolts seem to be absorbed into the dark recesses of her robe. Arris realizing the futility of fighting such large numbers decides to bring out the "equalizer" -- the thermal detonator provided to them by the ever resourceful Inspector Grot. With an expert toss Arris throws the detonator into the midst of the gathering sending thugs scattering into the four winds.

Suddenly, the dark figure is upon them like darkness on the day with a flash of crimson light and the characteristic screech of an igniting lightsaber. Torin manages to fend off the quick blows of the dark figures deadly red blade with a crash of energy. Striking back Torin is easily blocked by the skilled blade of the dark figure.

The Trandoshan in an unlikely move runs towards the thermal detonator as everyone runs away and manages to punt the device away from himself and his fellow mercenaries right towards the backs of the fleeing thugs. Greedlo not taking any chances makes a dash for the backside of the freight elevator.

The mercenaries move expertly as they light up the area with blaster fire despite having lost one of their number. Blaster bolts from several mercenaries connect with the large target of the Wookie knocking him to his knees. Luckily the Wookie's natural tenacity keeps him from going over the edge into unconsciousness. Down for the count the Wookie attempts to tend to his own wounds.

Undaunted by his companion being felled by blaster fire Daru continues his onslaught of the dark figure. The dark figure attempts to deflect Daru's blaster shots but is unable to against the relenting repetitive firing and is felled as well crumpling in a pile of dark robes {damn you Derek}. As if to signify the defeat of the dark figure Arris' thermal detonator explodes in a brilliant flash of light and thundering of sound shaking the entire cavernous area and sending several souls screaming into oneness with the Force.

Torin stoops to help his wounded fellow Jedi as the mercenaries unscathed by the detonator begin a tactical retreat disappearing into the side of the pertruding back end of the freight elevator. The Trandoshan and another merc kneel out-of-sight behind the crates on the opposite side of the heroes. As Arris runs around the side of the freight elevator in hopes of flanking the remaining forces the Trandoshan picks up the dark figure and almost as if the flowing robes themselves floated up they disappear into the trap door of the freight elevator.

The battle ended, Arris takes notice of a stripped down Z-95 Headhunter, and damaged and thermally blasted CloakShape fighter. The starcraft are not the only things the heroes take notice of as the creaking and rumbling of rock and the telltale plinking of falling stones tells them that this place is beginning to collapse. Already weak rock walls don't stand up well against thermal detonator blasts.

Frantically Arris searches for his sister in the remaining rooms of the basement area as the rest of the heroes make their way out. Daru runs upstairs in hopes of catching the fleeing Greedlo and the mercs while Torin supports his wounded Jedi companion to the repulsorcraft with Jimmi waiting outside. Unfortunately, the heroes either missed their fleeing advesaries, or they didn't come this way. They only find the eagerly awaiting Jimmi with "Betty" and the modified swoop ready to go.

The Force is with Arris today as he is able to crack the lock in record time on the one room where Arabé might possibly be. With a mechanical swish the doors open to reveal Arabé, along with a female Twi'lek and young human boy chained to a bar implanted in the floor of this room. Torin having safely deposited his Wookie friend returns to Arris' side just in time to make quick work of the chains holding Arabé and the other captives (soon-to-be-slaves, but not anymore). Arabé with an uncharacteristic girlish squeal and a smile that could melt a wampa leaps up to hug Arris voicing in a knowing and gleeful tone, "I knew you would come!" The sibling reunion however touching is cut short as they rush to escape the crumbling hideout just in a nick of time as they pull away all piled into 'Betty'. As they look back, they see what once remained of Observation Post 5 finally sink into the timeless rock and sand of Tatooine...