Rise of the Empire Era

SYNOPSIS: Old Observation Post 5

Finishing their wrestling match with Grot the heroes find his greed to be more powerful than any other motivation and actually gain more information and help with a greased palm rather than a blaster up the nostril, but there's some of that too. Where does all this information lead them? Read on and find out.

SESSION: 2003.02.06 (Thu)

After wrestling Inspector Grot to the ground Daru manages to pin him while the others attempt to break in to the Docking Bay. Two worn battle droids begin to attack our heroes as Grot cries out to them. During the short encounter Arris with Torin's assistance manage to open the docking bay doors. Their newfound companion, Jimmi, cowers in the corner refusing to assist in the fight. The droids apparently not well tuned or kept fire wildly only managing to through one shot in Daru's direction. Luckily Daru had already throttled Grot into unconsciousness allowing him to dodge out of the way without worries of an attack of opportunity from Grot himself. Rowlfrath ignites his lightsaber and charges the two droids rendering one a useless pile of junk. Unfortunately his youthful exuberence gets the better of him making it a little harder to take down the other droid with a botched glancing blow. Finally, the battle is over as Daru blasts the droid and Rowlfrath finishes it off with a slash of his saber.

Managing not to attract too much attention in this part of town they drag the groggy Grot and his former droids into Docking Bay 94. Utilizing Arris' proven blaster-nostril technique they grill Grot for information as they hack away at the Docking Bay files. There are holes in the data files where there seems to have been information before suggesting something sinister or plain corrupt is afoot. Threatening to expose Grots hand in the cookie jar to the Hutts the heroes manage to get more information on the possible abductor of Arab้, Greedlo.

Greedlo Keel, a Rodian who works as a lieutenant for Gardulla the Hutt. He runs a small afterhours establishment in the cellar of the cantina Fist Full of Truguts, as well as owning the cantina itself. The gambling operation is being run unbeknownst to the Hutts meaning no tribute is being paid. Greedlo also has a "secret" hideout in the desert, known as Old Observation Post 5. The heroes decide to investigate this place and enlist (payoff) Grot to help them find some heavier weaponry to assault the hideout.

Retiring to their "room" at the local hostel/motel they find Maris is gone. Paranoid he may still be alive and looking for them they relocate to another one of the many travellers lodgings around another docking bay. Resting and gathering their strength the heroes plot their next move. In the morning they send out Jimmi the coward to rendevous with Grot not trusting either one of them. After some time Jimmi fails to return prompting the heroes to take a plunge and meet with Grot themselves. They happily find Jimmi nor Grot had double-crossed them. On such short notice Grot manages to find them a light repeating blaster rifle and a thermal detonator. He, of course, overcharges them by exacting his "fee." Grot being the "businessman" that he is may prove useful to Arris' future plans and so they depart on good terms.

Jimmi the coward turns out to be useful afterall as he shows his true calling -- Tech Specialist, in particular repulsorcraft mechanic, with his own ride, "Betty." Not a pretty ride, her true beauty can be heard in her twin turbo repulsor engines as they roar and hum with speed and power. Outfitted with a GPS in-dash they find their way by Grot's coordinates to Greedlo's lair quite easily. Peering through macrobinoculars from afar the heroes see...

Old Observation Post 5…
was one of several OPs placed in the desert around the human settlements during the same time Fort Tusken was being built. It, however, suffered a similar fate falling to constant raids. Placed tactically at the precipice of a cliff several hundred meters above the base desert floor it sits silently blending in with the brownish/tan colors of the desert and rock face that slope on all sides. Despite it being abandoned and pillaged the main structure remains intact even after years of sand and wind blasting it. The main observation tower has long since collapsed and only a smoothed protruding rough rectangle remains as evidence of its existence. Half of the remaining walls are buried in the encroaching sand dunes of Tatooine. Soon enough there may be nothing left to see.

[Old Observation Post 5]

Deciding to take a longer way around to get to the more gradual slope opposite the side they currently face the heroes go for a little ride in the desert. As they near their destination they notice a plum of desert dust trailing behind what must be a large or several repulsorcraft moving from a perpendicular route straight to OP5. Erring on the side of caution they stop to watch the plum lead right up to the approximate location of their own destination, Old Observation Post 5. Following soon after the heroes park their vehicle a mere 300 meters from the dilapitated structure. Getting closer they see a few lumps that are a little too organized suggesting a wall existed about 50 meters around the structure. What appears to be a pit or incline on one side of the OP leads to a blast door large enough for two landspeeders side by side to enter the structure. A faded blast door that was probably the main pedestrian entrance is solidly buried in the sand facing away from the steepest cliff towards the slighter incline of the hill. Dismounting, Arris moves ahead to investigate and gain entry.

The garage entrance is the only real viable entrance. There is a smaller blast door set into the middle of the larger vehicle blast doors that Arris easily disables. Inside the garage there are several repulsorcrafts: 1 – Military Transport/Scout LandSpeeder, 1 – Transport Skiff, 1 – Modified Swoop, 3 – Speeder Bikes. The garage doors and nearby freight elevator door as well as fresh fuel cells all appear to be relatively new. Jimmi is called in to disable all but the Modified Swoop while the rest of the party investigates further.

[Greedlo's Lair - Ground Floor]

The stairs leading to the now destroyed observation tower is blocked off and covered in years of accumulated sand. Arris decides to go the only other route on the stairs, down. He finds himself in a long hallway that ends in an opening to the left, and a blast door to the right. Arris' keen hearing picks up the conversation of at least four men talking about assorted weaponry on the other side of the blast door. Calling on his companions they decide to formulate an assault plan into this unknown area. Finding the door unlocked they open it and swarm inside to find themselves yelling at crates and the back of the freight elevator. As they peer around the crates they see...(tune in next week for the conclusion, hopefully)

[Greedlo's Lair - Basement]