Rise of the Empire Era

SYNOPSIS: Stalemate

Information is the key, but getting it isn't as easy as it sounds. Our heroes attempt to gather as much intelligence as possible in the hopes something will point to the whereabouts of Arabé. So far things look grim with possibilities that she's been sold into slavery, or even worse -- may already be dead.

SESSION: 2003.01.30 (Thu)

When we last left our heroes they had dragged the now unconscious Maris the information broker into an alleyway out of view of the public and the authorities. Wanting to avoid any Hutt entanglements they decide to take Maris and themselves to one of the many public hostels or motels around the docking bays meant for sojourning spacers and traders. Cramped but cheap an anonymous lodging affords them some greater privacy in dealing with Maris.

After rousing the wounded Maris the heroes grill him for information using Wookie intimidation and the cold barrel of a blaster shoved up a nostril. For an information broker he has very little except to tell them he works for Greedlo Keel, a local lieutenant for Gardulla the Hutt. Maris was told by Greedlo that anyone looking for or asking about "the girl" (i.e., Arabé) should be taken care of -- and that's not in the hospitable sense. Confirmation about Greedlo's gambling den in the cellar of the cantina, Fist Full of Truguts, is obtained as well as how to get in if needed (the password "Rukchak" -- another Huttese slang term for "money" or cut down version of "show me the money"). Believing that they've gotten all the information they need for now they knock-out Maris with a blaster set on stun before discussing their next move.

After much deliberation between buying an arsenal with an all out assault and simple kidnapping the heroes have decided to stake-out the cantina and await the appearance of Greedlo. When they attempt to rouse Maris again they find it much more difficult than anticipated. Maris is apparently out for the count and could not be raised despite the feeble medical efforts of several party members. The heroes unconcerned with the possibly dying Maris make their way to the cantina after the setting of the twin suns.

Staked-out in a nearby alleyway across the street, Torin, Rowlfrath, and Daru eagerly watch the doors of the cantina as Arris sneaks around back to search for a possible secret entrance. Before long a figure exits the cantina, the weak orange lights outside the cantina illuminate the visage of a Gamorrean decked out in a black vest loaded with numerous weapons including a heavy blaster at his hip and a vibro axe strapped to his back. He walks his rotund self with a waddle around the corner into the alleyway headed in Arris' direction.

The sharp Arris is alerted to the clumsy steps of the lumbering Gamorrean, while his companions begin crossing the street to intercept. A loose blaster carbine shot from Daru alerts the Gamorrean to his presence causing him to wheel around to face an attack. The Jedi realizing Daru has just started the ball rolling on the end of this Gamorrean or them if they don't act move in to silence any cries for help. In their haste however they manage to only damage the Gamorrean's vibroaxe as he brings it up to parry their humming lightsabers. Arris peaking around the corner takes the opportunity to fell the large oafish Gamorrean from behind with a couple of well placed blaster shots. Daru does not fare as well despite his usual expertise as he fires wildly luckily missing any of his companions but the Gamorrean as well. Soon enough though the Gamorrean is felled by Arris' own expert blaster shots.

Before our heroes can completely re-group and fade back into the shadows, a set of voices can be heard calling out for someone, who they can only assume to be the Gamorrean. The Gamorrean's buddies round the corner looking for their absent companion who had only gone out to drain the "Gamorrean Snake." The two suddenly find themselves surrounded by our heroes at blaster point. Torin expertly disarms the two "guards" with a flick of his lightsaber dropping their blaster pistols to the ground. A young man and an obviously older more seasoned man become the captives of our heroes. Another interrogation ensues finding the younger man of weaker will and almost too eager to give out information at the protest of "Pappas" the older guard. Stunning Pappas the younger guard, Jimmy, is urged with 50 truguts to show the heroes where Greedlo lives.

After a short trip across town nearby the upper part of the slave quarters the heroes find Greedlo's main residence. Rather non-descript save for a low wall and possibly some hidden security measures the heroes deem this an ill option. Leaving Pappas in the slave quarters, they take Jimmy with them to Docking Bay 94 where Jimmy tells them he had seen Arabé after she landed her ship there and some sort of connection between Greedlo and our beloved Inspector Grot.

Back at Docking Bay 94 they find it closed for the night. In an attempt to con Inspector Grot into coming out to play they claim to have a shipment that requires his attentions coming in tonight. Groggily he seems to dismiss them to one of the overnight docking bays through the security camera at the bays main entrance. Rather defeated the heroes and their underworld guide Jimmy are about to depart when a figure appears from a small abode next door.

The figure turns out to be a robed Inspector Grot who asks annoyed about what is going on. It seems greed no matter how late or how ludicrous it seems prevails always with Grot. Seizing the opportunity and ignoring the shadows of accompanying droids several meters behind Grot the heroes attempt to seize him. After an unsuccessful grab by Torin, Daru is able to leap into the fray to grab and pin Grot.

And so we leave our heroes off in a WWF struggle with Grot -- for what, we'll find out soon...