Rise of the Empire Era

SYNOPSIS: Mos Espa Hospitality

Even Mos Espa has it's law, and sometimes they even enforce it. A near miss with the civil authorities ends in a bang that leads to a gang and heads will roll in Mos Espa tonight.

SESSION: 2002.12.11 (Wed)

[FIST FULL OF TRUGUTS Cantina] Arris and Daru stand at the bar awaiting the return of the information broker. Attempting to learn more about this bar and it's possible role in finding Arabé they question a local patron, some moisture farmer. The farmer offers some information alluding to some sort of criminal enterprise that takes place nights behind the "Cellar" door. For some reason he clams up as soon as Arris mentions a cover story of seeking information on a Hutt family's behalf. Intrigued by this new information and it's possible implications the two adjourn to the only open booth in the cantina where the Jedi had already claimed a few seats directly left of the entrance alcove to discuss the matter and await the return of the information broker. As they discuss and wait, the ever watchful Arris notices a certain degenerate human wearing a Customs Agent's uniform stroll into the cantina and saunter up to the bar. It's our bribe-receiving offical the agent from Docking Bay 94 -- Inspector Grot as was proclaimed on his name tag. As he passes the heroes table the Jedi sense a tremor in the Force. They feel some sort of connection between this low-life scum and the object of their search, Arabé. Apparently enjoying a few drinks he seems to be minding his own business save for his lustful eyes.

The party is only getting started as a trio consisting of one greasy human fruit stand owner, and two apparent police officers enter the cantina and stop at the top of the stairs leading from the entrance alcove. They appear to be glancing around peering into the various booths around the cantina, perhaps looking for our more larcenous heroes. Not before long the anticipated information broker steps around the trio back into the cantina and up to the bar. He glances around probably looking for our heroes. Before he can spot the heroes table the Kel Dor is urged to approach him cowled in his hood without drawing attention from the trio at the entrance alcove.

Failing to heed the echoed mantra of his master Plo Koon, Torin is not quite as mindful as he should be and perhaps a bit aggressive for a Jedi Padawan. He approaches the information broker and urges him to follow him to their table. When questioned as to his identity Torin reveals himself by pulling back his hood and scowling as much as a Kel Dor can. Intimidated by this expression from the Kel Dorian the information broker backs away slightly. Now though, having revealed himself, the trio at the doorway spot him easily. Arris watches with disbelief and a shake of the head as the fruit stand owner IDs Torin as a suspect in his stolen cash tray. Thinking quickly Arris grabs a stun grenade, activiates it and tosses it dead center of the trio as he calls out to Torin to "DUCK!" *BANG**THUMP* The stun grenade expertly tossed goes off right in the middle of the trio as they take their first step from the alcove. When the flash clears three sprawled out figures litter the floor at the entrance and on the alcove steps. Reacting a little too slow while distracted the grenade manages to stun Torin for a minute. Luckily his companions are more apt to react and were protected by the inlet of the booth they were seated in. Rowlfrath grabs his Jedi companion as Daru snatches the shocked, but not stunned information broker. The patrons not understanding what has just happened make a stampede for the exit, which is also the entrance. Quickly pilfering the unconscious bodies Arris grabs a few items off the police officer's persons including their heavy blaster pistols.

Following the crowd the heroes with the information broker in tow make their way to the street. Mere steps away from the entrance to the cantina out on the street the heroes find themselves suddenly surrounded by what seems like a swarm of ruffians (specifically eight) armed with batons and some with blaster pistols currently holstered. Sensing their hostile intent evident through their blood-lusting eyes and on their furrowed brows Daru draws his vibroblade and slashes at the nearest opponent wounding him slightly. Torin suddenly aware draws and misses a nearby ruffian. Before the rest of the heroes can react, the information broker breaks away and screams "Get Them!" to the pack of thugs. Obeying, the thugs move in to attack. Arris takes a blow to his ribs knocking the wind out of him, as 3 thugs apiece swarm the Wookie and the Kel Dorian. Batons seem to fly from numerous directions as they attempt to trounce on the larger aliens. The Wookie takes a couple of lumps warranting a growl of annoyance. A lucky blow to the side of Torin's head knocks the Jedi unconscious. Arris quick drawing his blaster pistol drills his opponent right in the chest ending his sorry existence. Rowlfrath wounded but tenacious ignites his most deadly lightsaber and expertly slices a ruffian in half from underarm to hip. Daru opts the more deadly route of his blaster carbine at point blank range and puts down his opponent with blaster fire. The thugs awed by the mere seconds it took to cut down their numbers decide to run, but not before taking what they can -- the unconscious Kel Dor. Arris spins on his heels and blasts at one of the nearby fleeing thugs putting him down. The Wookie turns and cuts down another thug as his lightsaber hums with activity. Ignoring the fleeing information broker Daru takes a few steps to get a clear shot at the kidnapper's fleeing with the unconscious Torin taking one down with an expertly placed shot to the back of the neck nearly blasting the man's head off literally. The sudden shift in weight causes the other two to stumble and drop the Kel Dor. The sudden jolt seems to rouse Torin who realizes he is still in a battle. Springing up like a Corellian Sand Panther, Torin releases the power of his lightsaber upon his opponents separating one's body from his head permenantly, then quickly spinning in a flurry of robes and a flashing orange blade slashes the other across his chest sending him sprawling to the dirty road. Alive, conscious but wishing he wasn't soon, the thug cries out in pain and whimpers cowering on the street.

The heroes rush over to Torin and their new source of information. They immediately begin to interrogate the wounded thug as a small crowd begins to gather. The towering Wookie convinces the wounded thug it's in his best interests to talk, with a hard stare and a snarl of the teeth. Adding voice to the threats, Daru informs their prisoner that if he doesn't talk the Wookie will have to tear his arms off. Soon a foul odor of urine and feces fills the air as the prisoner is thoroughly convinced. Pressing their advantage Daru squeezes as much information out of their prisoner as possible as the prisoner cowers in fear and begs for his life most pitiously. The heroes soon learn that Arabé had landed her Z-95 Headhunter at Docking Bay 94, and that these thugs worked for the information broker, who's name is Maris and is employed by Greedlo, a lieutenant for Gardulla the Hutt. They also discover that some sort of gambling den run by Greedlo can be found in the cellar of the cantina they had just exited. Before anymore information can be obtained a blaster shot strikes out from a nearby alleyway killing the thug. Arris spots the information broker, Maris, peering around the corner of an alleyway with a hold-out blaster in hand. A quick reaction by Arris lands a well-placed blaster shot in the exposed shoulder of Maris knocking him back against the alley wall. Suddenly the shouts of the local authorities attempting to disperse the crowd can be heard hastening the heroes to leave the scene. Moving to Maris' alley they grab him and make their way down it's corridors out of view of the street. Escaping what passes for the law in Mos Espa the heroes stand over the disabled and unconscious Maris, their double-crosser, in a poorly lit alleyway wondering what to do next...