Rise of the Empire Era

SYNOPSIS: Welcome to Tatooine

Surviving the sandstorm on the surface of the planet is easy compared to dealing with it's denizens. After "meeting" the locals the heroes make their way into Mos Espa, the unofficial capital of Tatooine. Now they may begin the real work in searching for Arabé.

SESSION: 2002.12.04 (Wed)

When we last left off, our heroes were crashlanded in the sandsea of Tatooine amidst a full-fledged sandstorm. Luckily what was left of the hull of their craft was enough to keep the majority of sand out that would have otherwise buried them. Choosing wisely they remained in their makeshift shelter until the storm passed. Taking stock of their supplies they were left with two survival kits and a medical kit. Ample supplies to get them somewhere after the storm had passed.

About an hour later the storm finally passed, but it was now twilight and the sky turned a purplish blue as the twin suns of Tatooine set behind the far red rock ridges. Growing impatient the heroes decide to venture out into the desert night to seek civilization. After the Jedi use their farseeing abilities to discern their intended destination, Mos Espa, the heroes depart the relative shelter of their crashed ship.

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[Wrapped lunch]

Only a short distance from the wreckage of their craft the heroes were confronted by shrieking shadows that seemed to grow straight from the sand. The shrieking would have been a familiar sound to a Tatooine native -- Tusken Raiders or sand people. Before the heroes could react they are surrounded by a small band of about ten Raiders.

The ensuing battle is short but brutal -- a common theme with our heroes. The two Jedi react in time to fend off the clumsy swings of the Raiders' Gaderffi sticks and ignite their glowing blades. Pulling their own weight Arris lets off two quick shots from a close combat position at his hip striking down a Raider, while Daru blasts away with his carbine.

Unfamiliar footing in the fresh blown sands allows Arris to be struck with a glancing blow along the side of the head rendering him unconscious. Torin Dol deftly avoids his adversaries while slowly whittling them down with quick slashes of his lightsaber. His fellow Jedi, the Wookie, does not fair as well -- able to fell a Raider but fatigue sets in quickly as the sheer numbers begin to overwhelm him. Daru attempting to disengage and tactically seek cover is thwarted at every move. Slugs from several Raiders' rifles on a nearby dune whiz by the ears of our heroes narrowly missing them and the other Raiders.

Just when it seems the battle may be turning in favor of the Raiders a fading shriek of warning tells the other Raiders too late that womp rats have come to join in the melee. Inadvertently the pack of womp rats become the heroes' savoirs. By attacking the more numerous and exposed Raiders the womp rats allow the heroes to retreat back to the hulk of their ship with their wounded in tow. But just when the heroes think they're safe, a small group of the pack breaks off to investigate and devour the heroes. A quick-thinking Daru tosses a stun grenade expertly into the center of the approaching trio. The grenade goes off with an echoing bang knocking out the unlucky womp rats with the added bonus of scaring off the rest of the pack. As the darkness of twilight returns after the flash of the stun grenade the carnage left behind can still be clearly seen. For good measure Daru easily picks off the unconscious womp rats that lay a mere few meters away from their safe haven. Erring on the side of caution the band rests in the minimal shelter of their crashed ship for the rest of the night after successfully rousing Arris and treating everyone's injuries.

Not Knots Landings, just the locals

In the morning as the heroes prepare to set out under the rising twin suns they spot a speeder in the distance. It seems to have spoted them as well and turns in their direction. Wary of anyone and anything now the heroes nervously await it's arrival. After a short wait the clearly family speeder stops not far from the crashed Damsel. A man and a young adolescent boy disembark and approach. After exchanging quick pleasantries and explanations (fabricated on the heroes part) the man, Jeremiah Landing, and his 14 yr old son, Jeremiah, Jr. agree to help the hapless heroes.

[The Landing's Moisture Farm]

A brief overnight stay at the Landings' moisture farm with Ma Landing, and 6 yr old Jesse (their littlest girl) helps the heroes get a little better rested. Jeremiah understanding the need to help those in this part of the galaxy, and especially Tatooine agrees to take the heroes with him to Mos Espa. There they part ways in the merchant district. Learning what they could from Jeremiah the heroes devise a plan to get some cashola and avoid getting ripped off by the outrageous exchange rate for Republican Dataries (credits) for Hutt Truguts, the more widely accepted currency of Tatooine and definitely Mos Espa.

Fist Full Of Truguts (or a box full will do)

Mos Espa's market place is teeming with lifeforms of all sorts and merchants of all sorts selling to them. Picking out a rather prosperous looking fruit stand, Arris directs Daru to cause a distraction while he deftly acquires their needed funds. The Jedi opt to stay out of this affair and stand down the street just within view. Daru acting the crazy man begins yelling incoherently about a Wookiee beating someone or someones up down the street. Displeased with the commotion around his fruit stand the greasy human steps out from behind the stand to shoo away the pesky idiot. Arris easily sneaks in behind the stand owner and lifts the man's cash box. Quickly and inconspiciously he moves down the street ducking into the nearest alley. Daru getting into his role as a distraction begins to feign a seizure. The Jedi step in. The Wookie easily lifts the seizing Daru as they stare down the fruit man. Two tall aliens -- a frightening looking Kel Dor and an infamous Wookie are enough to make many a men cower, luckily this man isn't much of one. The trio move off uneventfully to rendevous with Arris at Docking Bay 94, and the nearest Customs Office lodged therein.

[Docking Bay 94 / Customs Office]

Some quick negotiation allows Arris to bypass the greater conversion fee for Truguts for some of the acquired Peggats. With their newly gained wealth the heroes begin to discuss their next move. Rowlfrath reveals that during their session of meditation to seek out the directions to Mos Espa he also saw a particular cantina, the "Fist Full Of Truguts." This suggested as good a starting point as any for accomplishing their primary task, finding Arabé.

They easily find the cantina which appears plain like many of the other buildings around it, tan and weathered except for the beaten sign in both Basic and Huttese declaring it the Fist Full Of Truguts Cantina [FIST FULL OF TRUGUTS in Nal-Huttese][FIST FULL OF TRUGUTS Cantina] . Inside is an elongated hexagon divided into booths with tables, and a long bar in the middle that leads into a curtain (probably a small office). Smaller tables are scattered in the open part of the room, but most of the activity is at the bar, and the shadows of the booths. An iridescent bluish glow is cast on everything from the artificial lighting all throughout the interior. In the back a door with "Cellar" in Huttese printed on it suggests there is more. The open and spacious alcove of the entrance is directly opposite the bar with some lounge benches along the wall as well as a dataterm that functions on occasion.

Daru and Arris approach the bar and begin bartering with the Gamorrean bartender with truguts for information. The Jedi take a seat at a booth left of the entrance and watch quietly as events transpire leaving the scoundrel to his specialty. After spending way too much for basically nothing another human at the bar, a slender man with spikey hair and a dirty duster coat offers his services as an information broker without actually saying he is one. They show him a holographic picture of Arabé, whom he merely comments is pretty. The information broker offers to get more info and excuses himself from the bar and cantina claiming he'll "be right back." Our heroes are now waiting anxiously for his return and perhaps some information or news they can use, hopefully...