Rise of the Empire Era


Welcome to Star Wars: Coming Storm, a Star Wars RPG (D20) campaign set during the era of the Rise of the Empire. These pages are meant as reference material for the players and GM (me) of our little group. I will attempt to keep updates of sessions in the ADVENTURES section, and encourage players to read the SETTING section for important information for role playing.


The EPILOGUE for the last ADVENTURE is finally up. You could also find a partial installment of a MINI-ADVENTURE that Emily and Dave (with his new human Jedi character) embarked on as a prelude to the next major adventure planned.

Speaking of new characters, please welcome Emily, Mikey, and Cindy to the group. The latter two have yet to flesh out their PCs (like a name!) and actually play, but there's still some information on their new characters posted in the CHARACTERS section. Additionally, some new NPCs can be found in the same CHARACTERS section.

SITE UPDATE: 2003.02.14

Great session last night! We finally finished the ADVENTURE, and rescued Arabé. The only thing left is the EPILOGUE, which will be posted. Where the characters go from here we will see. For now we're taking a break to play the new Lord of the Rings RPG. Fear not, we'll be back (I'm going to make sure of that) and besides, the PCs just leveled-up (yeah!).

I still can't believe Derek's character took out my beloved Dark Jedi (doh!). Speaking of characters, you can find that the NPCs you "met" last night are now viewable under the CHARACTERS section. In addition some of the new equipment you acquired can be seen under the (duh) EQUIPMENT section to include the light repeating blaster rifle, and Arris' new ride, the modified swoop.

SITE UPDATE: 2003.02.11

Sorry for the delay in getting the latest ADVENTURE up, but it's up now. Things seem to be picking up again, but due to time limitations we weren't able to cap off this adventure. The players may be feeling it now, and if not, then I'm telling you that this should be the finale for the adventure. If things don't go quite as planned, well, it may not be the finale. Either way everyone is mere points away from leveling-up (finally).

You can also find some new additions to the NPC list under CHARACTERS including Senator Amidala and our favorite chicken, Jimmi.

SITE UPDATE: 2003.01.31

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ok, that's about a month late. But saying HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! is a bit early but close enough.

After a long drought of gaming of any sort we finally played last night. Unfortunately it didn't follow-up last session very well and fell a bit short. We were all hoping everyone would go up a level at least, and maybe even cap off this adventure. Things seemed kind of slow and we were missing a player which didn't help. I feel I should take most of the blame for this one since I was unable to keep the pace up and moving forward, plus I was preparing for the finale but left out what would happen to get everyone there (doh!). A stalemate in the story exists as the heroes are having a hard time tracking down the object of their mission. You can check out the drab details in the ADVENTURES section.

Don't forget to say a prayer of well wishes for Sophie's Dad (Derek's Granddad) -- it worked for Sophie.

SITE UPDATE: 2002.12.12

It seems things may be picking up, and I'm glad interest is paralleling the rise in the story. Last night was short, but fun and I'm afraid my description of it in the ADVENTURES section doesn't do it justice. The group managed to actually overwhelmingly win a fight (you go guys!). Fancy saber and blaster work helped to spice things up -- I guess Derek got his wish : "This session is gonna suck if I don't get to blast someone." It's unfortunate Archie had to miss half the night...again. As long as he's having fun and following the story then I guess it really doesn't matter. What can I say, I'm slow to warm up.

If you didn't already know there are NPCs up in the CHARACTERS section. Just a few of the personalities you've met already or would know a little bit about.

Thank you again to Sophie for hosting our session. I hope she enjoyed the Frosty and didn't strain too much having to answer the door. Great news that everything is ok with her and we're still wishing for more of the best. I guess prayer really does work or maybe it was the fingers thing -- Get Well.

SITE UPDATE: 2002.12.05

We had a very productive session last night (12.04.02), probably by starting earlier than 1900 hours. The synopsis is up in the ADVENTURES section (I don't know how long I can actually keep up this putting it up so soon thing - heh). Things are just starting to pick-up, hopefully we can get another good session in next week. At the conclusion of this adventure we can go back to DnD like everyone has been wanting. In the EQUIPMENT section the CloakShape fighters that the heroes had encountered the previous session are up, and you can see just how tough those little bastards really are.

Thanks to Sophie for making this week's session possible. We're all crossing our fingers and praying for you to whatever higher being there may be.

SITE UPDATE: 2002.11.21

We finally got to play last night (2002.11.20) and I feel we had a pretty good session. I have to apologize to the Jedi PCs since we weren't able to get to something that would've been more conducive with their type. They say getting there is half the fun, and apparently can be twice as dangerous too. The session has been added to the ADVENTURES section already. There have been minor changes throughout the site since the last posted update including make-shift pictures of the CHARACTERS, a better formatted lightsaber construction page, and other things.

SITE UPDATE: 2002.11.12

Well, we were supposed to have a session last night, but some folks were MIA so it was a no-go. In the meantime I've been on my steady clip adding things to the site. All the PCs statblocks have been added to the CHARACTERS section. All I need for that is a simple background paragraph or more for everyone and a picture. I am in the process of commissioning some illustrations of the characters (PC and NPC) from a professional. So, if you could provide some sort of description it would greatly assist in getting a cool illustration for your character. The ship for the upcoming mission has been selected and is under EQUIPMENT.

SITE UPDATE: 2002.11.09

The site is just getting started with design and adding content. It's going to be a bit of a slow go at first, but I'll eventually catch up. Please excuse my poor netiquette if most links don't work yet. I've put up a sample page for the CHARACTERS area with Arris.

Currently not a lot is happening yet. In our last short session the PCs were just getting together for their first adventure together. I must apologize for the lack of preparation, I wasn't actually expecting to start our campaign that night. If you didn't get enough face time don't fret, there's plenty of things brewing. Also, keep in mind any sub-plots you might like to see for your characters and we can discuss them.